Curious Camp Jiangshan

A Summer in Nature

July 13 - 18
¥ 6,600.00 6600.0 CNY
July 27 - Aug 1
¥ 6,600.00 6600.0 CNY


Curious Camps is a 6-day program for 6 - 15 year old children to learn hands-on natural science and outdoor skills. 

We use a combination of Montessori, Forest School and experiential learning methodologies to provide a comprehensive, personalized and engaging educational program to develop love, respect and steward-ship for the environment.

Above all we believe that learning should be FUN!

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Outdoor Skills

Develop independency, self- confidence and risk assessment to explore Nature in safe ways. Practice building shelters, using knots, orientation, bush crafts.

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Natural Sciences

We take you deep into mother nature’s bosom and explain the relationships of the local ecosystem and its wildlife. Get a taste of botany, birding, identify insects and listen to the sounds of nature.

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Exploring nature from the water level opens up a new perspective. We guide you into safe nature adventures on interesting routes and explain to you flora and fauna of the local biosphere.

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Nature Art

Reveal the artist inside you, connect with your creative mind, assess and express your emotions while using natural elements and inspiration from the local environment.

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Wood Crafts

Learn to use the basic tools to build, repair and create furniture and structures with wood. Practice fine motor skills, visualization, team work and get a taste of tinkering.

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TCM & Food

Combine the knowledge of TCM with tasty snacks in a delicious workshop. From garden to table, step by step learn to cook healthy, refreshing and nutritious delicacies. And eat them, of course.

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Rammed Soil

Rammed earth is one of the oldest and most sustainable construction practices all around the world. Get close contact with Nature, while learning this ancient architectural craftsmanship, and feel the relationship between the land and humans.

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Wild Cooking

On the fire it taste better. Start by collecting some firewood, learn start the fire, and handle it safely, pick, wash and cut your vegetables straight from the field, cook and season to taste... Use traditional cooking methods and learn a survival and practical life skill, hands-on.

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Tree Ropes

Challenge balance, coordination and self-confidence, while crossing from tree to tree as a Mowgli. In this active parkour, designed at mid-height, with state of the art safety measures, participants have a taste of climbing.


  • Dormitory style bedrooms with A/C.

  • Boys and girls room sections separated

  • 6 kids per room

  • New bathroom and toilets

Organized by 

Green Steps

Green Steps connects people with nature. We design and implement experiential activities to increase respect and understanding for Mother Earth. We teach hands-on natural sciences using the outdoors as a playground and laboratory.  We provide families, schools and companies with a personalized solution to develop environmental knowledge.

Jiangshan Holistic Education

Jiangshan Holistic Education Center is an ideal base for interdisciplinary outdoor experiential learning, with 140 acres of nature wonders, hills, ponds, grasslands, camp facilities, dormitories, bathrooms, kitchen, wildfire cooking, workshop rooms, greenhouse, TCM garden and farm. It is purposefully adapted to the needs of elementary and middle school students. It is also a training center for outdoor educators using international best practices.

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A Summer in Nature

Do you want to spend a blast of a summer in Zhejiang marvelous countryside? Then join Green Steps on a Curious Camp this July and August.

Explore with us the stunning wildlife of Jiangshan – by foot or in a kayak learn natural science hands-on. We offer you a Montessori inspiredbi-lingual experience (English & Chinese) you will never forget and guarantee that you will want to stay on when it’s time to say good bye. Learn new skills for the 21st century, enhance your sense of self and confidence, build new friendships while you explore nature and have fun outdoors. 

Our activities aim to minimize the impact on the environment and to strengthen relationships with local communities. As a result, most of our food comes from local organic farms and we collaborate as much as possible with surrounding residents. We encourage the use of reusable containers and avoid waste.

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Do you have some Questions

Come and meet us:

Make an appointment and meet our Shanghai Nature Guide team in our Shanghai downtown office. Share with us your questions and concerns. We are more than happy to explain you about this experience.

Maybe join one of our half-day activities before the summer camp and connect with Nature.

Green Steps Shanghai Address:

Shanghai, Xuhui district, Panyu road 1199, building 3, 101 Office.


It's near Yishan road subway station (Line 3-4)

Contact us:

phone: (86) 131 6209 0900


wechat: Green-Steps


Everyone's opinion has the right to be listened. Diversity of life and tolerance towards others is nurtured.


Our relationships are funded by the genuine wish to help and support others.


Everyday we can do at least one good action, help someone and contribute to make this world a better place.

Participants need to bring:

Comfortable sport cloths, light and quick to dry.

Personal toiletries (tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, towels).

Hiking shoes, water shoes, flip-flops.

Swimming suit, swimming towel.  

Be mindful of the ongoing season (i.e. bring raincoat in case of rain, bring sun protection in case of sun, bring mosquito repellent in the hot season, etc.)


Photos and videos:

Every day there will be a selection of photos and/or videos from the activities shared to the parents via a wechat group stablished with this only purpose.

Phone, electronics and video-games:

No devices would be allowed during the activity program schedule. A time-window after every dinner time 7-9 pm will be scheduled for participants to call their families or use their devices. Our nature guides will carry emergency phones during all time and communicate with parents in case of need. Charging the personal devices is under the responsibility of their owners. Use of the devices out of the time allocated for it will incur in the device to be confiscated for 24h.

Appropriate behavior:

We expect and enforce from all participants and from our staff to engage in respectful, compassionate and kind behaviors and communication to each other. Use of violence (whether physical or verbal), non respectful behavior, non-respect of the rules and/or the guidelines provided by the camp staff will involve 2 warnings opportunities, after that, if the behavior is not completely changed, the participant will be sent back home, without any refund of the camp fees.

Additional notes:

The program will be facilitated in English & Chinese.

This is not a language camp, the objective of our communication is that concepts are understood and that participants have fun while maintaining appropriate safety measures.

1 Nature Guide supervises 6 participants in order to provide personalize interactions and ensure appropriate safety control.

Maximum 30 participants will attend this camp program.

The activities are suitable for children age 6-15 years old without accompanying adults.

A nature journal is provided for all registered participants to record their daily experiences during the camp.

Our program takes place even in case of light rain; in case of heavy rain or storm we will organize alternative activities in line with natural science and outdoor skills topics. 

Curious Camp is designed to be a full immersion experience in nature for children, to socialize, learn, and develop new skills in a safe environment and with the guidance of trained nature guides.

The event organization does not include any service or accommodation for parents. Activity are not designed for parents joining together with their kids.


Transportation is not included.

The most convenient transportation is by high speed train.

We will arrange a staff in Shanghai to accompany participants from and back to the camp by train.

Get in touch with us to arrange train tickets and transport details.

If you prefer drop & pick your child to the camp, let us know

Camp location address: 浙江省江山市上余镇坞房山1-7号(江山中专西侧)

Camp phone: 0570-4333111 / 135 6701 1112

Our Nature Guides

Biology degree, master in sustainable tourism management, Montessori educator and designer of environmental curricula. Former mountain rescue officer. With over 10 years experience as diving instructor, first aid instructor and swimming coach.

Mai Dong
Law degree, nature educator, Shanghai Roots & Shoots green tutor, certified research instructor, executive principal of Jiangshan Holistic Education Center.

Zhu Chenchen
Civil engineer, former police officer, national defense sports instructor, outdoor activity instructor of Jiangshan Holistic Education Center.

Wang Ying
Business administration degree, youth career development counsellor, instructor of Jiangshan Holistic Education Center.

Date & Time

July 13, 2020

Start - 1:00 PM Sunday

August 2, 2020

End - 3:00 PM Asia/Shanghai

Jiangshan, Zhejiang

--Jiangshan, Zhejiang--
--Jiangshan, Zhejiang--
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Jiangshan Holistic Education Center

+86 186 2150 4005
+86 186 2150 4005

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