Curious Summer Camp Cenbo

July 12-17
¥ 5,800.00 5800.0 CNY
July 19-24
¥ 5,800.00 5800.0 CNY
Aug 02-07
¥ 5,800.00 5800.0 CNY
Aug 09-14
¥ 5,800.00 5800.0 CNY

Curious Camp


Do you want to spend a blast of a summer in Shanghai’s marvelous countryside? Then join Green Steps on a Curious Camp this July. Explore with us the stunning wildlife in Qingpu’s lush nature – by foot, on bike, in a kayak and learn natural science hands-on.

We offer you a Montessori inspired, bi-lingual experience you will never forget and guarantee that you will want to stay on when it’s time to say good bye.

Learn with us 21st century skills. Increase your self-awareness, grow self-confident of your talents and find your element. Cooperate with new buddies in the exploration of Mother Earth, learn to trust your instincts and your peers.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

friendly handwork

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

outdoor sports

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

scientific observation


Odoo • Image and Text



Line 17 all the way to the terminal station: Oriental Land

Subway terminal Oriental Land 东方绿舟站

Taxi to Cenbo village (cost ~40 CNY)


Get in at the Danshui road stop, crossroad with Middle Huaihai road.

Bus name: 沪南高速专线

Bus stop: 淡水路(靠近淮海中路)

It's near South Huangpi road subway station (Line 1)

Get off at the Jingze bus station 金泽镇公交车站

Taxi to Cenbo village (cost ~30 CNY)

Private car:

Parking spots are available if you come with your own car. We are happy to provide you with directions. However, we support using public transportation.

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Event Itinerary

Day1  open the door to nature

Day2  explore the insects

Day3 discover plants

Day4 learn about birds

Day5 chemistry of nature 

Day6  nature art

Detailed Info+What to bring

Participants need to wear comfortable sport shoes, dress properly according to the weather forecasts and be mindful of the ongoing season (i.e. bring raincoat in case of rain, bring sun protection in case of sun, bring mosquito repellent in the hot season, etc.)

3-6 years old children policy.
Camps activities are designed to be for children alone. Upon specific request, we can help parents of children from three to six years old children finding an accommodation close to the camp location to accompany them during the activities.
For further info and ticketing get directly in touch with us.

Photos and videos:

Every day there will be a selection of photos and/or videos from the activities shared to the parents via a wechat group established with this only purpose.

Phone, electronics and video-games:

No devices would be allowed during the activity program schedule. A time-window after every dinner time 7-9 pm will be scheduled for participants to call their families or use their devices. Our nature guides will carry emergency phones during all time and communicate with parents in case of need. Charging the personal devices is under the responsibility of their owners. Use of the devices out of the time allocated for it will incur in the device to be confiscated for 24h.

Appropriate behavior:

We expect and enforce from all participants and from our staff to engage in respectful, compassionate and kind behaviors and communication to each other. Use of violence (weather physical or verbal), non respectful behavior, non-respect of the rules and/or the guidelines provided by the camp staff will involve 2 warnings opportunities, after that, if the behavior is not completely changed, the participant will be sent back home, without any refund of the camp fees.

Additional notes:

The program will be facilitated in English & Chinese.

This is not a language camp, the objective of our communication is that concepts are understood and that participants have fun while maintaining appropriate safety measures.

1 Nature Guide supervises 6 participants in order to provide personalize interactions and ensure appropriate safety control.

Maximum 30 participants will attend this camp program.

The activities are suitable for children age 6-15 years old without accompanying adults.

A nature journal is provided for all registered participants to record their daily experiences during the camp.

Our program takes place even in case of light rain; in case of heavy rain or storm we will organize alternative activities in line with natural science and outdoor skills topics. 

Curious Camp is designed to be a full immersion experience in nature for children, to socialize, learn, and develop new skills in a safe environment and with the guidance of trained nature guides.

The event organization does not include any service or accommodation for parents. Activity are not designed for parents joining together with their kids.

Our Nature Guides

Fangfang Li
Law major background; kayak coach; working experience as a farm agent; assistant teacher of guitar, keyboard, ukri and African drum; like cooking, love nature and physical exercise.

Wang Anyi
Lived and worked in Qingpu national ecological village for 2 years; 3 years of part-time work experience in natural education; children's psychological consultation and three-level nutritionist certificate; WWF wetland guide.

More than 10 years experience in education industry. Moved to Qingpu area to began a rural life two years ago. Love nature, love animals, love sports and love cooking vegetarian food.

Events-specialist from Berlin. Nature & hiking lover, world traveler. Backpacked through South America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Volunteered for 1.5 years at Habitat for Humanity NGO in the US and co-founded their first German affiliate. Shares the curiosity of children and their impartial approach to life.

Co-Founder & CEO global services. Former tech lawyer and corporate executive. Interested in providing technological solutions to social problems. Montessori teacher and father of two. Passionate about fixing the environment, reforming education and unfolding the human potential.

Date & Time

July 12, 2020

Start - 1:00 PM Friday

August 14, 2020

End - 3:00 PM Asia/Shanghai

Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树

--Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树--
--Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树--
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Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树

--Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树--

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