Long Way Home

A weekend about sustainable travel

"Long Way Home" - Jörg Gebers and his sustainable travel story
¥ 10.00 10.0 CNY
Guided Kayak Tour / Plastic Pirates
¥ 250.00 250.0 CNY
Dinner (Saturday)
¥ 50.00 50.0 CNY
Dorm bed @ Parrot Tree (with breakfast)
¥ 150.00 150.0 CNY
Lunch (Sunday)
¥ 50.00 50.0 CNY
Full Package
¥ 550.00 550.0 CNY

Long Way Home

- Meet Joerg Gebers, a Bosch R&D engineer who will start his long way home to Germany from Shanghai on Aug 23rd.
- Joerg presents at the Parrot Tree his stunning Velobike (looks like a race car but it is a bike) and shares the story of his sustainable journey back to Europe.
- Spend the weekend in a natural retreat. Join a guided Kayak Tour to clean-up & to learn the wetland and freshwater plants
- Have a delicious farm-to-table dinner
- Spend a relaxing night @ Parrot Tree

Long Way Home

Shanghai - Stuttgart 8/22-10/31

Joerg Gebers & his sustainable travel story 

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                  1. Home - where is it?
                  2. Sustainable traveling
                  3. International traveling in times of Covid-19
                  4. CO2 neutrality of Bosch Cooperation

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              13:00 - 14:00 Check in @ Parrot Tree
              15:00 Gathering @ Parrot Tree
              15:30 Guided Kayak Tour / Plastic Pirates
              18:00  Dinner
              20:00 "Long Way Home" Presentation with Joerg Gebers
              20:30 Q&A

              08:00 Breakfast
              09:00 Velobike: a closer look to the vehicle + open chat

              10:00 optional: hike to Grand View Park

              12:00 optional: lunch at Grand View Park restaurant

              15:00 optional: guided SUP tour

              pls get in touch with us for optional program points


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              Kayak Plastic Pirates

              Glide gently along the canals of Qingpu, and take action to clean up the wetlands from the plastic pollution with professional Nature Guides and skilled kayak trainers.

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              Farm-to-table Dinner

              Enjoy a delicious meal together with us. We aim to zero waste events and promote a plant based diet with locally grown seasonal products!

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              Sleep at Parrot Tree

              After a full day of activities, nothing better than relaxing in the countryside retreat of the Parrot Tree. Take the chance and enjoy the hospitality.



                Transportation is not included.

                The gathering location is @Parrot Tree

                (No. 401 Cenbo Village)

                    - Child under 3 years old free of charge 
                    - Event facilitated in English & Chinese
                    - Weather: event takes place in case of light rain; cancellation only in case of heavy rain or storm
                    - Participants need to wear long sleeves and long pants,  comfortable shoes & appropriate rain/sun/weather protection
                    - Bring reusable water bottle  - we aim at zero waste in all our activities 
                    - Contact: Lucy Wechat 13120631314

                    This event is aimed to raise the awareness of the Earth, the environment, the people and ourselves:
                    - Ecological intelligence - how to deal with our home, the Earth
                    - Intra-personal intelligence - how to deal with oneself
                    - Interpersonal intelligence - how to deal with others
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                        Line 17 all the way to the terminal station: Oriental Land

                        Subway terminal Oriental Land 东方绿舟站

                        Taxi to Cenbo village (cost ~40 CNY)


                        Get in at the Danshui road stop, crossroad with Middle Huaihai road.

                        Bus name: 沪南高速专线

                        Bus stop: 淡水路(靠近淮海中路)

                        It's near South Huangpi road subway station (Line 1)

                        Get off at the Jingze bus station 金泽镇公交车站

                        Taxi to Cenbo village (cost ~30 CNY)

                        Private car:

                        Parking spots are available if you come with your own car. We are happy to provide you with directions. However, we support using public transportation.

                        for further info


                        Date & Time

                        August 22, 2020

                        Start - 1:00 PM Sunday

                        August 23, 2020

                        End - 10:00 AM Asia/Shanghai

                        Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树

                        --Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树--
                        --Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树--
                        Get the direction

                        Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树

                        --Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树--

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