Plants & Friends Forest + Kayak

¥ 250.00 250.0 CNY
Kayak Plants&Friends
¥ 300.00 300.0 CNY
¥ 50.00 50.0 CNY

Plants & Friends @ Cenbo Village

In Water and On Land

Learn in a fun way about the wonders of nature in your neighborhood

Event Itinerary

12:00  Lunch at Parrot Tree in Cenbo Village

01:30  Briefing for Forest Walk

02:00  Plants & friends walk

04:00  Break

04:30  Briefing for Kayak ride

07:00  End

Detailed Info

  • Event facilitated in English & Chinese;

  • 1 nature guide each 6 participants;

  • Maximum 12 participants;

  • Suitable for children age 6+ and accompanying adults;

  • A nature journal and a sketch board for all registered participants;

  • Event takes place even in case of a light rain; cancellation only in case of heavy rain or storm;

  • Participants need to wear comfortable sports shoes and dress properly  according to the weather forecasts (i.e. raincoat in case of rain, bring sun protection in case of sun, etc.);

  • Bring reusable water bottle – all our activities aim to be zero waste

  • Transportation not included in ticket price

How to get to Parrot Tree?
Line 17 all the way to the terminal station: Oriental Land
Subway terminal Oriental Land 东方泸州站
Taxi to Cenbo village (cost ~40 CNY)

Get in at the Danshui road stop, crossroad with Middle Huaihai road.
Bus name: 沪南高速专线
Bus stop: 淡水路(靠近淮海中路)
It's near South Huangpi road subway station (Line 1)
Get off at the Jingze bus station 金泽镇公交车站
Taxi to Cenbo village (cost ~30 CNY)

for further info

Learning Objectives


Learn to appreciate and respect biodiversity


Gross motor skills  body control in difficult terrain

Fine motor skills  manipulate small objects

Science skills  matching, pairing and classifying objects

Language  bilingual terminology for local plants and ecology

This event is designed with

Green Steps triple focus

Environmental intelligence

Feeling and observing nature in a noninvasive way

  • Understanding that there are many different families of plants and animals

  • living things are not restricted to animals

  • Change how children interact with and view nature


Interpersonal Intelligence

  • Collaborate with a team

  • Get the outdoor feeling


  • Perceive one’s own state of mind in a natural environment


  • Exercise your intuition


Date & Time

May 17, 2020

12:00 PM 7:00 PM Asia/Shanghai

岑卜村 - Cenbo Village

--岑卜村 - Cenbo Village--
--岑卜村 - Cenbo Village--
Get the direction

Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树

--Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树--

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