Water Monitoring Day: Kayak Cleanup & Lunch

Kayak Plastic Pirates Community Event

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World Water Monitoring Day

Join this Green Steps community gathering,
take action to clean up the canals from plastic pollution, and enjoy an organic meal with your family and friends.

Celebrated every year on September 18,
World Water Monitoring Day

is again a great chance for our community to remind how crucial wetland is for Water sources. Plastic waste keeps polluting water sources, and we keep producing and consuming it regardless of the harm we are aware of.

Water is life, and not only its preservation is crucial for life on Earth, but it is undetachable from the status of the local and global ecosystem.
If the Amazon forest is considered World’s lungs, there is no mistake at saying that the wetland in the Yangtze River Delta can be called the planet’s kidneys.

Dianshan Lake’s water quality directly affects drinking water quality for Shanghai residents, which means directly affecting the survival of almost 25M people.
Plants on the shores, living underwater and sometimes even on the surface, all contribute to controlling pollution, working as a water filter, regulate the climate and beautify the environment.

A healthy environment is a foundation for a stable and productive society and to ensure the well-being of present and future generations, we all must participate to protect, conserve, and sustainably manage our natural resources.

It is a global reminder to take action for water source preservation.

Event Itinerary

08:15  Gathering downtown Shanghai

08:30  Private van transfer leaves

10:00  Get to the Parrot Tree - Activity brief

10:15  Kayak Plastic Pirates cleanup

12:30  Lunch Break in the Parrot Tree

14:00  Sharing Session - Playtime in the countryside

15:00  Private van transfer back

 Gathering location:
 Shanghai People's Square Ground Parking (nearby Shanghai Museum)
上海人民广场地面停车场 (上海博物馆 的周边)

Ticket price includes transportation and park entrance fee.

Ticket disclaimer:

Transportation from downtown,
Lunch at the Parrot Tree,

Not included:
Snacks, insurance.

The event takes place even in case of light rain; cancellation only in case of heavy rain or storm. 

Participants need to bring:

Participants need to wear comfortable clothes, solid sports shoes (closed shoes as a protection for sharp objects) and dress properly according to the weather forecasts (i.e. raincoat in case of rain, mosquito repellent, sun protection, etc.).

Bring your personal reusable water bottle – all our activities aim to be zero waste!


Facilitation in English and Chinese.

Suitable for all ages.

Kayak Plastic Pirates

This inspiring community event teaches, in an enjoyable way, about the impact of plastic in our environment, how it affects our life and the life of future generations.

By joining the event you will understand the scope and scale of plastic pollution. Your children will get an early understanding of one of the most urgent environmental issues of the 21st century, while you will forge new friendships and become part of a community of purpose.

We can turn this ship around if we work together!
More than 90% of all plastic waste which we have discarded into our water bodies since WWII has already sunk to the bottom of oceans and rivers, where it breaks up into ever-smaller particles. Plastic is though forever and only breaks up mechanically into smaller units like stone or shell breaks down into the sand. It never really changes its chemical composition. As such it enters the food chain and consequently our own bodies. The life cycle of plastic shows that how we treat the environment is a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

Dianshan Lake is located at the junction of Qingpu District, Shanghai and Kunshan City, in the Jiangsu province. The lake covers an area of 62 square kilometers: 30% of the water coming from the upper reaches of the Huangpu River, the largest of this nation’s most populous city, is from the Dianshan Lake.

One wonders how much waste both this river, together with the Yangtze, might carry every day, every minute, every second out into the open ocean.

What can I do to stop this?
What can I do to keep this planet inhabitable for future generations?

This is a Green Steps community event

Together we can build a better future. Join us on this effort to create a healthy and sustainable society.

Let’s take action and protect one of the most valuable resources, water, from one of the biggest threats, plastic pollution.

Become an active member of a vibrant community, meet like-minded citizens, and spend a great day in Nature with Green Steps!

The itinerary of this event includes a collective clean-up paddling a kayak, an enjoyable nature discovery route through the wetland beautiful scenery, and games in the countryside for the younger ones after the meal.

Enjoy the village, strengthen your connection with Nature, and have a zero-waste organic lunch organized by the Parrot Tree community: welcome to, play your music instrument, think of a game, read your book or just have a nap while resting under the clouds.

Family and friends are all invited to join


Date & Time

September 20, 2020

8:45 AM 2:00 PM Asia/Shanghai

Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树

--Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树--
--Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树--
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