Wild Weekend in Nature

2 days ticket
¥ 1,550.00 1550.0 CNY
1&1/2 days ticket
¥ 1,250.00 1250.0 CNY
+1 (not joining activities)
¥ 800.00 800.0 CNY

Wild Weekend in Nature

Get away from the city, reconnect with nature. Join a weekend with your family to learn more about the wetland ecosystem and get some fun experience with water sports in the beautiful scenery of Dianshan Lake. 

Event Itinerary

DAY 1 - Saturday 
11:00  Arrive & check in
12:00  Lunch
14.30  Get together
15:00  Water sports
18:00  Dinner 
20:00  Evening activity

DAY 2 - Sunday 
06:00  Morning exercise 
08:00  Breakfast
09:00  Nature Trail
12:30  Lunch
14:00  Early check-out ends*
15:00  Water sports  
18:00  Dinner 
19:00  Check-out

* for 1 1/2 day ticket holders only 

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Line 17 all the way to the terminal station: Oriental Land

Subway terminal Oriental Land 东方绿舟站

Taxi to Cenbo village (cost ~40 CNY)


Get in at the Danshui road stop, crossroad with Middle Huaihai road.

Bus name: 沪南高速专线

Bus stop: 淡水路(靠近淮海中路)

It's near South Huangpi road subway station (Line 1)

Get off at the Jingze bus station 金泽镇公交车站

Taxi to Cenbo village (cost ~30 CNY)

Private car:

Parking spots are available if you come with your own car. We are happy to provide you with directions. However, we support using public transportation.

for further info



1. One ticket, one person. Children under 5 years old free of charge if they sleep with parent(s)

2. Event facilitated in English and Chinese

3. Maximum 1 nature guide each 6 participants

4. Maximum 15 participants

5. Suitable for children age 5+ and accompanying adults

6. Weather: event takes place even in case of a light rain; cancellation only in case of heavy rain or storm.

Participants need to wear comfortable sport shoes and appropriate rain/sun/weather protection

7.  Food & Health: we promote a plant-based diet and locally grown food. Only meals provided are the ones listed in our detailed itinerary. We don’t offer a fixed menu. Dishes will vary according to the season and availability. You are welcome to bring extra snacks or even your own food but will not be possible to purchase any during the Weekend on site.

Coffee is available.

For specific necessities get directly in touch with the Parrot Tree.

8.  Bring reusable water bottle - we aim for all our activities to be Zero Waste.

9.  Accommodation: ticket includes one-night stay @Parrot Tree in shared rooms.
Contact: Lucy Wechat 13120631314

Activity Brief

Morning Exercise

Early activation like yoga, gardening, jogging, etc.

Nature Trail
Guided walk in the wetlands, learning about plants and animals living in this ecosystem, enjoy the surroundings, and engaging participants all ages in fun activities related. Also age-group tailored games and creative/crafty activities along the path.


i.e. Kayaking or stand up paddle 

Evening Activity

Light and relaxed time to enjoy the outdoors at night (i.e. bonfire night with music, fireflies sightseeing, listening to frogs and cicadas, etc.) or to have a comfy evening in the Parrot Tree (i.e. music, movies, etc).

Date & Time

June 20, 2020

Start - 11:00 AM Sunday

June 21, 2020

End - 8:00 PM Asia/Shanghai

Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树

--Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树--
--Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树--
Get the direction

Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树

--Parrot Tree 鹦鹉树--

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