Forum Moderator

Communication is the essence of any social network.
We envision the ARK as a social network which drives offline connections and sets a clear agenda for online conversations.
Our Forum section is structured around Learning Paths, Bioregions and further questions about sustainability.
The goal is to foster interdisciplinary discussions to seek out-of-the-box solutions.
Such a goal requires awareness and knowledge in order to allow everyone to participate in the forum discussions.
That’s why we established the role of ARK Forum Moderator:
people from our communities and welcome volunteers can ask to be appointed to make sure that we speak nicely and stay on subject.
We start with a simple structure and understand that much of this structure will change dynamically:
  • Q&A
    Discussion about the ARK, its organization, how it works, and how it can get better;
  • Translation
    This category facilitates the translation of ARK terminology;
  • Bioregions
    Discuss here bioregion related subjects;
  • Learning paths
    Discuss here Learning Path related questions;
  • Solutions needed
    Discuss here problems which still need a solution;
  • Lounge
    This default category is for trust level 3 or higher moderator.