As we sail new seas on our ARK every member of the Crew is important. For Communities to join our fleet, though, it is always better to have an expert sailor to have a smooth onboarding.
That’s what a Bioregional Mentor is for, and we need one in every new “sea”.

What are the Bioregional Mentors’ skills?

  • Bioregional Mentors are individuals with advanced ARK skills, which they make available to empower ARK communities and aspiring ARK communities in a specific region.
  • A Bioregional Mentor is ideally a proam, i.e. somebody who has facilitated experimental education sessions and therefore knows about the value of this SaaS platform.
  • A Bioregional Mentor is a role model user online & offline.

The Bioregional Mentor and other ARK roles

The ARK is designed to become a social network that drives offline connections. The central roles of the platforms are:

  • Learner: whoever registers a profile, is part of a Community, joins an activity and collects impact points
  • Facilitator: who register a profile, is part of a Community, runs an activity and afterwards assigns impact points to learners
  • Community Mentor: usually is the the member of his team (organisation, school, or whatsoever) that is enabled to create a new Community on the ARK and keeps the communication going with the ARK team.

    The Bioregional Mentor is a further role established to spread and further decentralise the ARK. Bioregional Mentors are advanced users that help to board new communities in a specific territory and/or bioregion. They undergo a short training and form part of the biological relationships which interlace in the ARK design with online connections.
ARK Bioregional Roles

Establish Personal Relationships

The Bioregional Mentor role is established to develop a governance system based on an human scale that corresponds to the concept of commons and bioregion.
Every Bioregional Mentor is assigned to his/her own bioregion: not only to onboard communities in that area, but also to serve as moderator of relevant topics on our online forum as far as they are related to that area.
As representative of their bioregion, Bioregional Mentors are the first building block of a collaborating system of bioregional entities that today happens in the environment of the ARK platform, tomorrow potentially driving decisions offline.



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