ARK Manual Videos

Get the most out of the developing potential of the ARK!
Learn in-depth insights behind its architecture
and get guided through its functionalities.


An introductory video to sum up our mission, our vision, who are the target users for this platform, and how it can be used for spreading Education for Sustainable Development.

Platform Overview

A quick tour through the ARK, showing how to personalize your profile, how to navigate communities, events, and the full range of features accessible from the side menu.

How to create an activity

The first step to take on the ARK is to create an online activity for your community. We made the process easy, so you can upload an event or a course. Learn the difference in this manual video.

Edit an event

In 7 steps you will learn how easy it is to create an event on the ARK: efficient content display, easy ticketing, and game-changing impact points assignment.

The ARK's Learning Paths

Select your interests in your personal profile. Select the focus area of your community. Select the subject your events will assign impact points in. Explore our full list of Learning Paths!

ARK Badges

Design and upload badges to empower your community members' achievement. Emphatize with every ARK crew member through the platform badges on their profile.

ARK Leaderboards

Check how many impact points crew members and communities around the world generated and find out how do you rank:
will you try to make it to the top?