Kayak – Cenbo Wetlands

Kayak – Cenbo Wetlands

This inspiring course teaches in an enjoyable way about the importance of wetlands in our ecosystem at large. Participants will learn about the ecoservices rendered by wetlands and their important role in purifying our drinking water. You will understand the scope and scale of plastic pollution and give your children an early exposure to one of the most urgent environmental issues of the 21st century.

Last Update 06/01/2020
Completion Time 15 hours
Members 3
    • Kayak Orientation
    • Kayak Plastic Pirates
    • Kayak Plants & Friends
    • Kayak Waterplants
    • Kayak Bird Islands

Learning Objective

Direct aim: Learn to appreciate and respect wetlands

Indirect aims:
- Gross motor skills: body control on and in water
- Fine motor skills: manipulate small objects
- Science skills: matching, pairing and classifying objects
- Language: bilingual terminology for local plants and ecology

Environmental intelligence: 
- Practice: feeling and observing nature in a noninvasive way
- Observation: there are many different families of plants and animals
- Deduction: living things are not restricted to animals
- Change: how children interact with and view nature

Interpersonal intelligence:
- Collaborate with a team
- Listening outside

Intrapersonal intelligence: 
- Perceive one’s own state of mind in a natural environment
- Listening inside

Target audience

Minimum age 4 due to safety reasons.
Children below 12 years old should be accompanied by a parent or a tutor.

Activity Structure

0:00 Gathering
0:15 Briefing
0:45 Meet at Kayak Club
1:00 departure
2:30 return to Kayak Club
2:45 debrief & sharing
3:00 end

Credits and Certification

3 credits per activity

Learning Path:

- Environmental Impact & Ecosystems
- Biology
- Zoology