ARK releases

ARK Release 08.07.2022

Bug fixes and updates

Hello crew!
With these posts we keep you updated with every step forward we make on the ARK!
  • Fix: Continue after Step 3 – Details in the “New Best Practice” form;
  • Update: The Duplicate Activity function now also duplicates species and specimen attached to the activity;
  • New: Communities can set Custom Payment instructions for their activities;
  • New: Join Activity 2.0 is in beta and can be activated for single activities from the settings menu in the respective dashboard;
  • New: User’s Bioregional Identity percentage is shown on profile page cockpit;
  • New: Species categories: species other than trees can be added;
  • New: Species list can be filtered by category;
  • New: Filter for routes/events/courses in library, all events, and community events;
  • Fix: Show correct error message if participant equipment content is missing;
  • Fix: Properly generate community unique identifier (slug) if its name contains no latin characters;
  • Fix: Better way to display specimen tags in Activity Dashboard;
  • Update: Smarter way to show observed specimen in Activity Dashboard;
  • Update: Back button (mobile) and breadcrumb (desktop) on species and specimen pages for easier navigation;
  • Update: Specimen page links to the related species page;
  • Update: Improve footer display on both desktop and on mobile;
  • Update: All forms scroll up to the field which has been filled in incorrectly / not filled in, when user wants to save the form or go to the next step (scroll up to error on form validation);
  • Update: Chinese translation integration