ARK releases

ARK Release 16.07.2022

Bug fixes and updates

Hello crew!
With these posts we keep you updated with every step forward we make on the ARK!
  • New: Showing species and specimens as cards;
  • New: Re-design of the My Bioregional Identity page;
  • New: Package tickets + Whole course tickets;
  • New: The language user is using the ARK in is stored in the backend. Base to send localized notifications;
  • Update: Show profile picture and username when picking a Best Practice designer;
  • Fix: Width of the badges container in user’s Impact overview page is same as the container above it;
  • Fix: When viewing other user’s bioregional stats, they are properly displayed;
  • Fix: Bioregion icon in left menu correct redirect;
  • Fix: The “Bioregion” menu item leading to the correct url;
  • Fix: Language switching on slower internet connections.